About me

I've gone through many aliases over the years, but I've settled down on roz/deysu for my nicks.

Imageboards are my thing

I've been an imageboard user for a very long time. I've moderated and administrated them, and above all, used and enjoyed them. I've also spent a lot of time on traditional forums powered by software like MyBB, PHPbb, and Xenforo. A forum I used to spend a lot of time on is called MyDigitalLife or MDL. Very useful resource for software, programming, and Windows activation.

Anonymity and privacy

I think anonymity (or pseudo-anonymity) are very important in the online world. Places like anonymous imageboards or IRC channels give us a place to express ourselves anonymously, to put our identities to the side and to say what we truly want to say.

The importance of moderation

Moderation in anonymous communities is incredibly important. User-moderation can only go so far. To prevent our communities from decaying into hate-filled, awful places, we need actual moderators to moderate them. Moderators and administrators should communicate with their userbase as much as possible, and work with them to fix issues. Without willing moderators, any community will slowly devolve into garbage.